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The Doctor Is In...

Dr. Renee Pennington is a nationally board-certified Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (the University of Akron) with a Doctorate in Nursing Practice (Maryville University of St. Louis) in addition to being a Certified Professional Life Coach (World Coaching Institute), Reiki Master & Teacher (Usui Ryoho Tradition), and Certified Spiritual Counselor (American Institute of Health Care Professionals). 

Dr. P's approach to recovery is one of compassionate existentialism.  

Compassionate Existentialism is a term and philosophy coined by Dr. P in 2017 to describe her approach to existential psychotherapy (ET). Borrowing from the teachings of great existential psychotherapy teachers such as Irvin Yalom, Dr. P offers a comprehensive and holistic approach to self-discovery not often seen in ET. 

Contact Dr. P today to schedule your first session. She is currently accepting new mental health clients in Ohio and Nevada. She is accepting new coaching clients nationwide. 

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